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Food in Stockhol. A plate of beetroots, goats cheese and raspberries at Rutabaga.

Photo: Lennart Weibull

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Take-away: Enjoy a delicious restaurant dinner at home

Publish date: 20 December 2021

In a year of great challenges, many of Stockholm’s restaurants have experimented with creative solutions to bring their meals to your kitchen. As it turns out, a fantastic restaurant dinner is actually closer than you might think.

During the corona pandemic, fine-dining restaurants like Hillenberg, Portal, Woodstockholm, Sekt, and Rutabaga have started with take-away food. Either with pre-made meals to simply heat up, or almost-done meals to quickly finish and enjoy. Others, DoMa and Mathias Dahlgren's restaurants, for example, have partnered with Dine In to offer a full-fledged restaurant-at-home experience. You’ll be sent a three-course meal, tableware, and table cloth and only need to set out the used dishes outside of your door for pick-up. And with services like Panier you'll get a restaurant-made picnic for your outdoor adventures.

In other words, a cozy restaurant dinner cooked by a master chef is actually closer than you might think. Here are some suggestions!

Adam/Albin offers several pre-made menus to enjoy at home. For example the Signature Menu with classic dishes from the innovative restaurant, or the Japanese-flavored Misshumasshu-menu.

The French influences are notable on Copine’s menu, even if it makes detours to other parts of the Mediterranean. Copine offers a three-course almost-made Friday dinner. All you have to do is put the finishing touches and you’ve got yourself a real feast!

The former At Home-restaurant DoMa might is popular for its laidback and homey atmosphere, but their meals are just as delicious to eat in the comfort of your own home. And just as in the restaurant, many of the ingredients come from their own farm out on Ingarö.

Celebrity chef Niklas Ekstedt’s Hillenberg offers a fusion of South European and Scandinavian flavors. Their take away-offerings include a simpler take away-menu – with dishes like tuna, cured salmon, and wild game meatballs – or a three-course Friday meal kit.

Lux Dag för Dag
Lux Dag för Dag on Lilla Essingen works closely with local farmers and producers to keep their menu fresh and exciting every week. Each Friday they also offer a DIY-meal kit that you easily can finish at home.

The cozy Matateljén in Enskede, just south of Södermalm, has a few options if you’d like to enjoy their food at home. Either order a takeaway luxurious dinner meal kit, a takeaway artisan pizza, or a deli box packed with delicacies from their deli counter.

Matbaren, Green Rabbit and Rutabaga
Mathias Dahlgren’s restaurants are some of Stockholm’s most talked about and popular fine dining restaurants. They’ve opted for a premium restaurant At Home-experience in which you’ll get a four-course dinner delivered at your doorstep, together with plates and utensils which are set up for you.

Portal on St. Eriksplan has a new DIY-meal kit every week. Every kit also comes with a list of wine suggestions to complete your dinner. They also set up an extra point of delivery in the surroundings areas of Stockholm every week, making their dinners more accessible for anyone who can’t come to the restaurant.

Rosendals garden café
If you’re planning a day outside on Djurgården, Rosendal Garden Café is a great place to start. Be sure to order their takeaway bag, loaded with goodies to be enjoyed both at once and when you get home. You’ll get coffee and a cookie to go, bread, marmalade and cheese, and a roll of dough to make cardamom cookies.

Sekt’s German-influenced menu can be enjoyed at home in several ways. Either by ordering something of their take away-menu, buying a three-course menu kit, or going for the premium Take Home-experience in which a chef and servitor prepare and serve the dinner at your home.

Beloved Woodstockholm at Mosebacke prepares DIY-dinner kits, with tips and instructions, to be finished in your own kitchen. The restaurant’s menu changes regularly – going from French-inspired, via Spanish cuisine to Italian-classics – and offers vegetarian alternatives.