The LGBT guide to Stockholm

Narrow streets meet open minds. Gay and lesbian life in Stockholm is like the city itself: easily accessible, hugely fun, highly varied and warm and welcoming.

Robert Fux

Robert Fux

Robert Fux is a Swedish actor and drag personality. He is seen in numerous productions and roles in the Stockholm City Theatre, and apart from hosting several nightclubs in town, Robert has been the official pride parade presenter for Stockholm Pride and a recurring performer in the varieties and burlesques of the Stockholm underground scene.

If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do?
Why not a sunny summer day and a boat trip to the archipelago islands with The Annie Lennox? I could bring a nice picnic, two fishing rods and a pen for the autograph.The archipelago is a really great and easy accessible with superior wildlife and nature just around the corner from the city pulse. We would spend the day swimming, discussing and sunbathing and in the evening we´d go with our boat right into the center of the town and end the night with some nice cocktails and party!

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Only fifteen minutes away with the subway you find Skärholmen, a suburb boiling with energy and impressions. Not so often mentioned in tourist brochures. Built in the 60’s with big modernistic ideals and royal blessings, it gives another interesting perspective of the city. Here the concrete, steel and nature blend well together, and the big square with the fountains are surrounded by shops from all over the world where people meet, talk and interact. It’s a lively, intense and great place for gathering, shopping and discovering more sides of Stockholm.

Favorite museum?
There are many great museums and for all tastes, but I would suggest Spritmuseum, The museum of Spirits, at Djurgården. It takes you through the Swedish alcohol history, and has a fantastic restaurant, English tours and the famous Absolut Art collection with original works by Warhol, Keith Haring and many others.

Best spot for coffee and something sweet?
I would say Chokladkoppen in the Old Town, a small cozy gay café in the historic quarters where I actually started my career many years ago as a young and quite lazy waiter. It’s still running, with a great outdoor area and has nowadays a fantastic staff. Try the white chocolate cheesecake, it’s divine.

Best lunch spot?
Go to Torget in the Old Town or Sidetrack in Södermalm. Both places offer great food at reasonable prices, have a large gay following and nice drinks, music and a high flirt factor! Why choose when you can have both, is my motto!

What restaurant do you take your partner to?
The best restaurant and hang around place in summer is without a doubt Mälarpaviljongen, a big and legendary floating garden filled with flowers, gay people, drinks and fab food. It’s a MUST.

What’s the best bar in Stockholm?
There are many great bars in Stockholm. Many have great outdoor views from the rooftops and terraces where you can see the city from above. I like the surroundings almost as much as the drinks, so walk around and find venues high up like Mosebacke, Sjöfartshotellet, Kulturhustaket, Berns cocktailbar or just find some nicely situated cliffs at the city island Långholmen where you can enjoy some picnic wine and a little cruising as dessert.

Last but not least, what are you proud of as a Stockholmer?
Most of all I like the mix of people here, the many influences and the boiling tank of different ideas, creativity and expressions. Stockholm is bigger and more multilayered than most visitors get to see. It has more than the famous water, nature and old houses in the Old Town. It’s really diverse, unexpected and ever changing. Try us!

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