The LGBT guide to Stockholm

Narrow streets meet open minds. Gay and lesbian life in Stockholm is like the city itself: easily accessible, hugely fun, highly varied and warm and welcoming.

Gunn Lundemo

Gunn Lundemo is one of the biggest club DJ´s on the Swedish lesbian scene. Together with Katja Gustafsson and L-word star Daniela Sea she is now making waves with the newly formed international DJ trio 3sum. We asked Gunn about everything from where they find inspiration to what not to miss in Stockholm.

If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do? 
Missy Elliot. We would probably be in a recording studio, where I would make use of her talent while she’s still here. We would have to take a break to eat, so we would have Grodan’s fish stew in the day, and sushi and chocolate fondue at Berns at night.

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Söder. People are themselves.

Favorite museum?
ABBA The Museum of course, although I haven’t been. I’ve only seen pictures. Weird, right? I love ABBA!

Best lunch spot?
Nytorget 6. 

What restaurant do you take your partner to?
Nytorget 6 for that too. Right now, it’s the best place I know. But Grill, Le Rouge and Orangeriet are favorites, too.

What’s the best bar in Stockholm?
Nytorget 6 again, obviously. You’ll get today’s best cocktails. Emelie, who bartends there, was awarded Bartender of the Year and makes the best Irish coffee in Sweden.

Favorite store in Stockholm?
A-styl Fashion Agency on Kindstugatan 4 in Gamla Stan. Also, Weekday & Monki. I usually have a hard time finding clothes I like, but those places always have something. 

Last but not least, what are you proud of as Stockholmers? Or when are you proud to be a Stockholmer?
I’m proud that we have so many artists who are breaking through internationally!

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