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"Film has dreams, film has music. No form of art transcends ordinary consciousness the way film does, delving straight into our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.”

Ingmar Bergman


Ingmar Bergman grew up in a religious household, first on Villagatan 22 and then Storgatan 3, in the privileged neighborhood of Östermalm. The contradiction of the Christian message of love and his father’s strict disciplinary rule became an artistic theme for Bergman. Bergman returned to Östermalm throughout his life.

A movie about horses at the Sture-Teatern theater (Birger Jarlsgatan 28-30) launched his life-long love of cinema, and the first office of the production company Cinematograph was in Östermalm. Ingmar Bergmans Plats and Ingmar Bergmans Gata, the square and street named in his honor, are both located just behind the Royal Dramatic Theatre. 

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