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"Film has dreams, film has music. No form of art transcends ordinary consciousness the way film does, delving straight into our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.”

Ingmar Bergman

Film meets music

The lead theme to the Russel Crowe movie ”Water diviner” has been created in collaboration with technology and talents from Stockholm. "Love was my alibi” was written over Skype (the global Stockholm tech innovation) with songwriters Carl Falk and Kristoffer Fogelmark who live and work from Stockholm.

“With me sitting in my office in Sydney, on Skype live with Carl in his studio in Stockholm, we wrote the song together", says Russel Crowe in an interview with TV4 in May 2015.

Listen to the song on Spotify!

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Ingmar Bergman

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Ingrid Bergman

Film meets music

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