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Island hopping

One of the many ways to experience the Stockholm archipelago is to travel by ferry from island to island. Lapping waves, sunny rock ledges, and unparalleled scenery await you. Boats run year-round. Here’s your guide!

When buying a ticket or pass, ask for a Waxholmsbolaget’s island hopping map. It has suggestions for different routes and things to do along the way. The area is divided into the northern, central, and southern archipelago. You can download Waxholmsbolaget's app (search for "Waxholmsbolaget") and use it to plan your journey.

There are many different lodging options on the islands. Camp, stay at hostels, or check into hotels. Make reservations well in advance during high season.

For those only making a few trips single tickets is recommended. Ticket prices vary according to route from SEK 50 to 150. An island hopping pass is good for five days and costs SEK 420. Valid on Waxholmsbolaget’s boats and regularly scheduled trips on the somewhat faster Cinderella boats. For those planning to stay out for several weeks it is more economical to buy a monthly pass. Ride as much as you want for a month. This pass also applies to the Cinderella boats’ regular schedules.

Take along warm clothes, mosquito repellant, and you might want to bring an extra bottle of drinking water to some of the less developed islands. Also, make sure to tell people where you are going.

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