This is Stockholm

Modernity meets tranquility. Trend-setting restaurants and vibrant nightclubs next to idyllic archipelago. Welcome to a city where it is easy to breathe – and to feel your pulse.


Parkteatern - Free outdoor theatre

During the entire summer "Parkteatern" arranges musical events as well as theatre and dance performances all around the city parks, with no admission. Opera, jazz, pop, folk music and theatre is available free of charge, from June to September. For full programme see website.

Rockklassiker live 2016

Event dec 10

Night of the Jumps at Friends Arena

Event mar 4

TEDxStockholm: Crossroads

Event nov 21

Rachmaninoff Piano concerto no.3

Event mar 3

Axel Sjöberg - Life in the Archipelago

Event dec 10 2016 - feb 19 2017

En stilla jul

Event dec 21

Christmas Concert with Lucia procession

Event dec 10

Tokio Hotel

Event apr 6 2017


Toni Lynn Washington

Event maj 20

Lucia & dance evening

Event dec 9

Frispelsteatern - A sucessfull evening!

Event nov 22

Lucia concert at S:t Jacobs Church

Event dec 11

Lucia at Stockholm Cathedral

Event dec 10

Sarah Dawn Finer – Winterland

Event dec 9

Bonfire party at Drottningholm Castle

Event dec 10

Paul Simon

Event okt 25

Private Viking Tours

Event dec 9 2016 - dec 31 2019

Melissa Aldana

Event okt 13

Tutankhamun - The grave and the treasures

Event dec 9 2016 - apr 30 2017


Event jul 15 2017

Comparative Vandalism

Event dec 9 2016 - feb 19 2017

Lucia choir concert with Stockholm City Voices

Event dec 13

New Year's celebrations in the Kaknäs Tower Skybar

Event dec 31
The Kaknäs Tower

Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories

Event dec 9 2016 - mar 12 2017

Christmas Spirit Walking Tour in Gamla stan

Event dec 9

Håkan Hellström - Rullande åska 2017

Event jun 9 2017

Vendel Era Excursion

Event dec 9 - dec 23