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Midsummer in Stockholm

One of the most characteristically Swedish traditions of all is Midsummer. This year it's celebrated on June 19, the longest day of the year—when the sky never darkens.

Most Stockholmers leave for the archipelago or the countryside during the weekend. Visitors can choose to stay in the city or follow the locals out into the archipelago. Here are a few suggestions on where you can celebrate Midsummer´s eve:

On Skansen Open-Air Museum and Mosebacketerrassen on Södermalm you can enjoy dancing, singing and traditional as well as un-traditional Swedish midsummer food. To celebrate in the archipelago, the nearest island is Fjäderholmarna. If you would like to go further you will find celebrations on Sandhamn, Möja, Waxholm, Grinda and Finnhamn. Read more about all the islands of the Stockholm archipelago!

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If you want to read up on what Midsummer is all about and what we do and eat on this special day, click here

For time tables for the archipelago boats, click here.

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