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Lucia in Stockholm

Lucia in Stockholm

Lucia, the bearer of light, is celebrated all around Sweden on December 13th every year with candle processions and Lucia choirs, saffron buns and glögg (mulled wine)! Here's our selection of Lucia celebrations in Stockholm.

The Lucia tradition

Alongside Midsummer, the Lucia celebrations represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden, with their clear reference to life in the peasant communities of before: darkness and light, cold and warmth. Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters.

The Lucia tradition can be traced back both to St Lucia of Syracuse, a martyr who died in 304, and to the Swedish legend of Lucia as Adam’s first wife. In the old almanac, Lucia Night was the longest of the year. The first recorded appearance of a white-clad Lucia in Sweden was in a country house in 1764.


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Lucia in Stockholm

Lucia in Stockholm

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