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2017 in concerts

With the Swedish music phenomenon in mind, it’s no surprise that Stockholm is home to several iconic arenas, intimate clubs and unique concert halls. The city is frequently visited by some of the world’s biggest and most influential artists, and 2017 will be no different; The Weeknd, Radiohead, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande to name a few. And in may Depeche Mode kick off their Global Spirit Tour on Friends Arena.

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Stockholm TunnelRun - The City Line 2017

Event mar 25

Asplund’s masterpiece: Stockholm City Library

Event Jun 1 - Sep 30


Event jun 9

Deep Purple


The 1975

Event jun 12

The Stockholm Running Tour

Event maj 22 - dec 31

Barnens hinderbana

Event sep 9

Raija Jokinen at Gallery Hantverket

Event mar 9

The cooking tour

Event maj 22 - dec 31

Stockholm Craft Beer Tour

Event maj 25


Event jul 30

Run With Me Stockholm

Event jul 31


Event maj 30

Workout Parties

Event sep 29

Veronica Maggio

Event jun 2

Dance to big band at legendary Nalen


Stockholm Fashion Week

Event aug 30 - sep 1

Josef Frank - Against Design

Event maj 22 - aug 27

Stockholm Panorama – sightseeing by bus

Event maj 22 - dec 31

Royal Republic

Event maj 29

La La Land in concert

Event okt 25

Marianne Lindberg De Geer - Full Speed Ahead

Event maj 22 - nov 26

Eva Dahlgren

Event aug 20

Music and Stockholm

5 Nightlife • 5 Attraction • 3 Shopping • 1 Event


Event maj 22

Winter Games

Event maj 22 2017 - feb 18 2018


Event jun 22

How To Become Swedish In 60 Minutes

Event jul 1